Happy Mother's Day from Mrs. Pena and Ms. B's students!

5th Grade SPED students participated in a long-term project where students:
  • brainstormed to develop questions (script) to ask influential people in their lives who have inspired them to do well in school
  • created a Fotobabble to document the process
  • selected influential person
  • practiced interviewing skills
  • refined questions (script) to narrow to eleven total questions
  • used iPad to video tape the influential person
  • created an iMovie to share the movie
  • uploaded the iMovie to YouTube to share the product with the world

Here's an example of Julisa's Fotobabble of brainstorming and narrowing questions.

Taylon's final product:

Me'Kell's final project:

Julyce's final project:

Kristehen's final project: