Please bring your student to our ECE playground beginning at 8:30 a.m. Make sure to sign them in with either Ms. Ana (Ms. Danielle/Ms. Candice's para) or Ms.Mosely (Ms. Berghorn's para) DO NOT LEAVE YOUR STUDENT ON THE PLAYGROUND IF ONE OF OUR PARAS IS NOT THERE! The paras are getting students off the buses, and they may not have made it to the playground yet. For your child's safety, wait for one of them to arrive on our playground

On bad weather days, please bring your student to the gym beginning at 8:30. Again, wait for one of our paras to sign your child in. We come into the classroom each day for breakfast at 8:45.

Please come to the classroom to pick up your child beginning at 3:40. When you come in before that to pick them up early, it is disruptive to our classroom.
Thank you